The Inaugural James Ingram Post!

19 02 2009

Welcome to my blog! This whole blog thing is new to me but I am excited to be entering the Web 2.0 space.

My new Inspirational Cd “STAND (In The Light)” was released January 27, 2009.  It was inspired by the plight of Hurricane Katrina victims, and features new works and some of my classics such as, the Grammy Award-winning 1983 classic collaboration with Michael McDonald: YAH MO BE THERE. STAND (In The Light) is a natural progression for me based on my career being grounded in my faith.

STAND (In the Light) for me is a bridge over troubled waters in troubled times and, when you get to the other side, know that God got you there, so turn around and help someone else.   My father, who was a deacon in the church and also, my Sunday School Teacher, taught me that with faith in God and confidence in myself there was nothing that I could not do, and it worked.  I also remember that when I left Akron, Ohio as a young man, I was a musician and was not pursuing a singing career.  God opened up a door for me when I did a $50.00 demo for a publishing company.  A person at that company loved the song (JUST ONCE) and my interpretation of it and took it to Quincy Jones.  The rest is HIS- STORY..  Although my life has been through ups and downs, I have never been discouraged, because of my faith in God.

This is an album I have been wanting to do for quite some time. My hope is that you will enjoy listening to my  new songs as I much as I have enjoyed recording them! As we roll along with this blog, I would love to hear your comments on the new album or whatever you feel like sharing.

Yah-Mo Be There!




31 responses

28 02 2009

So glad you have a new album …can’t wait to hear it!! Been loving you a long time! 🙂 Your story is amazing! as well as HIStory! :))

28 02 2009
Sally Gill-Thompson

James…love the clip! You are such an inspiration! I applaud you for your hard work in achieving the success that you have and the faith and inner strength that is obviously the reason you are who you are. We are all looking forward to seeing you in April…and thanks for never forgetting your “roots”!


28 02 2009

Peace Brother James,
This is Linda Slack, my online name is Omitunde. I love love love the new music and I wrote an article about it on my site and have been posting about you and your music all over the internet.

Thank you for your gift of your music! I am so proud to know you and that you come from dusty little Akron OH. We grow great people there! Tell Debbie I send my love.

I can’t wait to see the talent I am sure your children have. Are any of your children in the music business…

28 02 2009
Scott Gross

Man you have been MISSED… STAND is a fantastic (and I’m Jewish!)… I feel the positive message conveyed down to my toes. I’ve also heard you go in musical directions that you haven’t gone before with incredible results.

If you’re able to put together some dates to sing live, I’ll do my best to get to one of them… I’ve seen you live twice, both as a guest at Michael McDonald concerts.

Very glad that you’re back on the scene and my hope is that it won’t be too long before we get more music from you.

Be well.

1 03 2009

The new album is GREAT…
Bruno, your #1 James’s fan in France ! 🙂

5 03 2009
William James Burke

Hi James,

I just wanted to write to you to let you know that I really enjoy your music, it has always inspired me over the years. My mom Lynne Marie is also a really big fan of yours too!

You definitely have a gift when it comes to music, and I would like to humbly ask for your advice. Would you be willing to answer a few questions for me? Is there an email address that I can use to contact you?

6 03 2009

Thank you for your continued support, I truly appreciate it. It has been a blessing to be able to survive in the music business for over 30 years, and it is all due to great fans. If you have any questions for me feel free to use my blog.

Yah Mo Be There,
James Ingram

21 05 2009
perry michael

hi james,
i have always loved singing your songs, especially from “it’s your night”, and i have been teaching myself piano. i cannot find these songs in sheet music anywhere. i’ve been searching the web for where to buy them for years with no luck… any help in getting these songs would be so, so very appreciated. i have a one month old boy, noah and would just love to sing them to him. thanks-perry

12 03 2009

James, wow. I am from Dublin, Ireland and I have been a huge fan of you and your music since “Just Once”. My life-long ambition is to see you sing live but alas I am too far away – would there ever be a chance you might come close to our shore here in the “Emerald Isle” and sing for us? I listen to your music every day. Much love to you and your family.

18 03 2009
Donald Moore

Fantastic album, as always. Gave it 5* on Itunes UK store and strong review.
Would love to see you live but difficult from UK.
Looking forward to the next album, please don’t leave it so long next time!
Saw I Just Can’t Stop Loving You on YouTube – brilliant
Wish I could be at the Easter Celebration Concert……….

19 03 2009

Hi James,

I am so glad that I found your website, I have been looking for ages to find information on the internet about you 🙂

I am a uge fan for many years and your music has always been a part of my life.
Just ordered Stand and I can’t wait for it to arrive

Now I’m going to sit down and browse arround your site, I’ll be back 🙂

God Bless

Greetz from The Netherlands,

22 03 2009

I have been a fan for many years and as I listened to your songs, I could never understand how a voice as beautiful as yours wasn’t on the airwaves as much as I would have liked it to be and as it should have been.

My most memorable moments were at New Years Eve performance that you gave in Orlando Florida at Disney over 10 years ago and a private performance at QVC in West Chester, PA with John Tesh.

It was quite a pleasant surprise to see that you have finally released a new album. It has been too long in coming and ………Your voice, your soul and your spirit have been deeply missed…

“How Do You Keep the Music Playing?” Hopefully you will “Always” continue to….

Hope that you, your wife and children are well.

30 03 2009

Hi James.
I grew up listening to you all my life. My cousins would play your songs in the house on the piano and I would play and sing your songs as well on guitar. Whenever I wanted to set my mind at ease, you were there to listen to. A funny thing, then you come out with an album called the Power of Great Music. Well, it worked. I stopped the music theory and listened to my soul. Music has been so much better since then. I could write pages on how you and your music has been an inspiration. I took a different turn in music but I’ve always taken the tools you given with me and for that I consider myself a better musician. I’m 38 now. I run my own business in England. I also try to be a performing musician when I have the time. I sing your songs at Karaoke and people still get blown away at the impact of your lyrics or songs that people are familiar with, with your voice. I could never immitate you but I know how you sing your songs I guess its because I grew up listeining to you. If I ever was to try out for X factor, I’d have to take you with me. Your a voice inside my head and its a cool thing. For a musician that plays heavy metal music, your inspiration gives me an edge. Especially with power ballads.
I can’t wait to hear your new songs. I take my hat off to you, with great respect. Personally, your one of the greatest musicians I ever heard. Thanks for being a part of my life. I stuck you on my website. I hope this helps. If you ever tour in England I promise to come see your show.

8 04 2009

Hey James,
Man you know how I feel about your music from Akron to New York and back
again salute.
Here is a bit of film cult classic triva-
Who played key board in the band at Queen Bee’s in the cult classic Dolimite?

Yah Mo Be There James and you know it.

10 04 2009
Lizette Lopez De Arriaga


Your music is a soulful prescription. Instead of doctor’s visits or medication I just download one of your songs. For more than 20 years your music has healed my soul, inspired my senses and transformed every negative into a positive. You’ve been a masterful healer for 30 years and my heart says thank you! Your voice is a true blessing.

Infinite Love & Blessings.

~ Lizette Lopez De Arriaga

20 04 2009

Thank you sir for all your efforts and I thank God for your faith in an industry that needs you as an example. I will always have memories tied to your music and soulful sound. I look forward to purchasing the new album!

God bless you and your family,


28 06 2009
Jimmy Bryan


Thanks for the music and for being a great person. I really enjoyed watching your video on Youtube. And I look forward to hearing all of STAND. I’m a BGSU grad from Ohio now living in Japan for more than 20 years. I hope you can make it to Japan to perform!


Jimmy Bryan

29 06 2009

I have been, dreaming of a moment like this since the day I heard your “Just once” on the radio, I was then 17, in Martinique (FWI).

Today I am in my fourties in Paris, and I have THIS opportunity to send a message that will reach you. I just can’t believe it!

I think God for a dream that has come true and I think you for all the emotion you put in your songs. I also think you for this blog too.

When will you give a concert in Paris ?

Your French fan from Martinique

29 06 2009
Gregory A Beasley

Your appearance on TBN and your positive and inspirational message
was a welcome relief from all the tragic news on 6-25-09.
Your comments concerning your relation to MJ was pure class, I’m
proud to call you a friend. Greg

17 07 2009
Abdullah El

Peace God

1 08 2009

My Legenday One,

I have 2 personal national anthems:
1. 100 Ways
2. Mary J’s No more Drama

I was there at the Lady Nancy Wilson’s 70th Birthday celebration and I was a perfect lady til you came out and did 100 ways! Then I had to get up and dance around the Hollywood Bowl! I have often felt that if every Man not only heard BUT listened to 100 Ways heartbreak would be at an all time low…

Please get Lady Nancy Wilson out singing again!
I know her husband passed … I just want to see her doing what GOD gave her richly and I don’t want to feel that she is at home being sad….

Mr. Ingram. YOU have been a blessing to my ears as well as my soul since the 70’s! I will be purchasing your new cd before days end!

I thank our GOD for your blessed Mother and your blessed Father who taught you well!

May HE continue to bless you for blessing others!

In JESUS’ Name!

oh, and PLEASE have your people email me as soon as you do a concert in Los Angeles!!!! Please cause I want tickets as soon as they go on sale!!!!!!

11 08 2009
Karen Levin

I wanted to send my regards to a man who through his music can bless so many. You lead your life like so many should. No matter what you sing, your voice is amazing….. love from Australia.

1 10 2009
Alexandre Mohor


Você é um cantor excepcional, fantastico,fabuloso,extraordinário que eu poderia ressumir com apenas algumas palavras voce possue um dom divino, que atraves de suas musicas são trasmitidos sentimentos de harmonia e paz para a alma!!!

Um abraço de seu fã
Fique com Deus.

18 10 2009

I had listened to a few tracks from Quincy’s D dude album at a friends room in 1983 on the campus of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria in the early 80s. Those were songs that enjoyed playtime on radio in those days when primetime radio was dominated by dancehall music.

It took a year before I realized that I had left out what would become the most enduring song of that album, at least on radio – Just once. Up till recently, the song still enjoyed playtime on our local radio stations. If you live where I live you would nominate it for an evergreen award.

In the mid 80s I used to go to bed listening to you and Patti sing “come to me” on radio.

Dear James, thanks for all the joy that your music has brought to our lives over the years. Keep up the good work brother.

1 01 2010

Dear James,

I wish you and all your family, a Happy New Year 2010.


5 01 2010


im addicted to your songs i have to listen to them everyday they make me feel so good and they take my stress away,i just wanna thank u for making suck beautiful love songs ,althought im 22years i listen to ur music and i think its the best music for all time
you are my favourite singer, my wish is to see u live on concert.i dont live in the states but im ready to travel anywhere just to see u live singing….wow that would mean the world to me.
i love you man

14 01 2010

I am From Gabon republic ( Africa) I am 43 years old and during that time, my father purchased a VHS recorder (1982) and we received video clip from France and US from friends that is how we discover James songs.
Ya MO be there was the best for me. I am still crying today because this song remember me all my teenage life, first love, first night club, etc. everything.
today I am living in Canada and father of 2 girls ( 14 and 5 years old) and sometimes we go on internet to listen to daddy’s music…

Thank you James, you did a good job. From UK- USA- to Africa. Yep. You did a great job.

27 01 2010

Your performance on the Haiti relief tribute again
showed your compassion in a time of great disastrous
and tragic events.

16 02 2010

Dear James,

I wish you a happy Birthday.

13 05 2010
Mark Harrison

Your music makes me cry tears of joy.

Thank you.


6 06 2010

Amazing website!

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