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27 02 2009

I have recently taken the time to sit down and create a video clip with me performing and talking about my life, music career and latest album STAND (In The Light). I hope you enjoy it and will share your thoughts with me.

Yah Mo Be There,

James Ingram




15 responses

13 03 2009

Dear Mr Ingram,

Thanks for your latest album. Have been a fan of yours for years
and your new album is just what people need to hear right now.

Wish I could make it to your latest performance because
I hear Howard Hewett is going to be there too ! – Two of
the best ! 🙂 – Forever & Ever !

Thanks for all the great music over the years and I hope
you will keep making music in the years to come. From the
sounds of your latest album you’ve still got it ! 🙂

May you keep blessing others with your blessing,
God bless,

13 03 2009


Thanks for all the great years of music

Keep blessing the world with the gift God has given you

God bless

14 03 2009

Dear James,

Thanks for all the great music over the years.
Glad you’re still doing it.

God bless,

24 03 2009
Vicki Porteous

I love your music and your voice. I find your music not only touches the heart but speaks to the soul. I “discovered” you on ilike one day when I was feeling spiritually low. Your songs reminded me of what is truly important in this life. so of course I posted some to a friend who was equally thrilled. I am having trouble finding your music in the stores here in Parksville, BC Canada I am wondering if your music is only available in Christain books stores and if you are coming to tour Canada one day. Thank you for sharing the lords word in such a beautiful format. Your a wonderful missionary.I am sure our father in heaven very proud of you and your work. Thank you.

31 03 2009
Ronnie Rucker

My Jaime, I have learned a lot from being around you, from watching you over these years… I’m gonna be in Akron this summer, maybe I can find your family…

I continued to lead a charmed life over here in Japan. I’ve raised beautiful kids and my wife hasn’t dumped me yet. (She should get a medal…)


O.K. man, continued blessings!


7 04 2009
Beverly Huff

I know i don’t know you personal but i love you and your music. Y ou have an awesome voice,Ilove yah mo be there it’s my favorite song,you and micheal mcdonald are my and always will be my favorite singers.I just learned YAH MO BE THERE is a gospel song. MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU AND FAMILY.KEEP SINGING WITH THAT GIFTED THE BEST VOICE I EVER HEARD.P.S I HAVE NOT ALWAYS BEEN SAVE. I WILL GET YOUR C.D.

13 04 2009

Mr. Ingram,

Truly your voice is a gift from God, and I have enjoyed your music from the past which is special, soulful, and inspiring. This new cd is such an inspirational treasure that I plan to buy several copies and give to my friends as gifts. Keep on keeping on!!

13 04 2009

Thank you for your musical gifts that you share with the world. May God continue to bless you and your family, and “keep spreading the light”.

26 06 2009

James, God has Blessed you real good, your unique voice is so captivating. I remember your music way back to Shalamar, and still in a spiritual realm is even more captivating, so very moving to the point of humility which it allows me to yield to the holy spirit. When I listen to the message in you song, all i can say to GOD is more You and less of me Thank you GOD, for giving us more than 40yrs of beautiful, wonderful, meaningful music by James Ingram and many others and as the list goes on, we do it all the Your Glory and Honor.
Agape’ Love

5 08 2009

Kudos to your videographers! The way this was shot, produced and shown as film has the right feel and look for what you wanted to express. Its really the best I’ve seen of any performer these days.
Its on a personal level and it speaks directly to the viewer.
Love your music, your presentation of everything you do. May God continue to BLESS YOU so you can use those God Given talents to Bless others!

Randall Licht

18 12 2009


i havent been able to get your latest Album, i live in Kenya and truly speaking finding the earlier albums is not easy. but i must say that God gave your the greatest gift, “your voice” and you have used it to praise Him and bless others like me. your music speaks to my heart and lifts my spirit, this may seem strange but i usually feel that they were written specifically for me.
i just want to say thank you for being there!

27 01 2010

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22 02 2010
Mary Ana


14 03 2010
Delores Downs

Hey James,
Just wanted you to know that I keep STANDING IN THE LIGHT tucked in my glove box for those many special times when I need a little prayer meeting in my car. It’s the best !!! It’s been 15 years now since I left CA and have been living in France. I keep my memories of you, Debbie and the kids close to my heart always. Your newest CD is really beautiful and inspiring. Your voice is as clear as ever. And a special thanks for BLESSED ASSURANCE, it was my mom’s favorite solo she always sang in church when I was a little girl. It gives me a real lift.
May God continue to bless our lives and one day bring us all together again.
With much love, Delores !!!

1 11 2010
Lisa Jordan

Mr. Ingram…congratulations on your new inspirational release. Your music is a part of our household; my husband and I have followed you since the early years. You’re an incredible talent! We certainly appreciate “Stand”, as we were victims of Hurricane Katrina (New Orleans). We love you and wish you the very best. Keep on keeping on. Bobby and Lisa Jordan

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