Your Favorite James Ingram Song?

28 04 2009

Where were you the first time you heard your favorite James Ingram song? Please share your stories and once again thank you for all of your support. I have the GREATEST fans in the world!

Yah Mo Be There,
James Ingram





32 responses

12 05 2009
Leon Harris

Mr. Ingram…our meeting on the flight last week made me really understand why I love my job so well… Meeting good people. You and your wife are gems and I like to keep my precious stones close to me… Take care, much love and success…Leon

5 06 2009
DJ Soulswede (aka Souly)

Yah Mo Be There (It’s Your Night). Great melody and lyrics. An “ol time favorite”!

20 06 2009
Christien Robert Skinner


I so enjoyed your song (Blessed Assuarance). It made me feel closer to God and that is worth so much. There are so many catalysts that helps us re-connect spiritually to the higher source. Today it was your music and I’m so appreciative for your wonderful gift. It is so important for us to re-connect to the higher source in our way, time and venue.

Christien Robert Skinner, Boston

26 06 2009

Hi James, so good to hear and see you again it’s been quite sometime since i’ve seen you last, i saw you today on TBN it’s been a real pleasure worshipping with you and Carmen today, you have a lovely wife may God continue to bless you and yours. Your songs truly inspired my heart. Soon after the program i pulled up your website, i do intend to stay in touch from now until, so glad to have share this moment we go way back I am also 57 years old my husband and i are both children of GOD. Agape’ Love, Mr. and Mrs. Roland Vigne Jr.

1 07 2009
Karen Clark

Dear Mr. Ingram,
Thank you very much for being a man of integrity. I appreciate you singing “Just Once” on TBN. I believe you healed many marriages. I was truly blessed with your rendition of “Blessed Assurance.” Thank you for praying for the Jackson Family.
May God continue to bless you and your family.

8 07 2009


You have the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard. Your latest spiritual album … and the rendition of Blessed Assurance… your singing is so annointed. It wraps the presence of God around me. Thank you so much for your gift. Would you consider promoting a ring-back tone for cell phones with the Blessed Assurance song? That would be so wonderful to listen to while waiting for someone to answer their line.

In the secular music field, my favorite song is Give Me Forever I Do.

Thank you for all that you are and God richly bless you, your wife and family.

Love, Mrs. Yvonne Goins

11 07 2009

I still love the song “Always”.

12 07 2009
p.s. gary

Baby Be Mine (It’s Real) is my all-time favorite song, period. It’s only now that I can listen to this song without bursting into tears. I heard it the first time shortly after my mother died. It’s right up there with me alongside Autumn Moon by Hiroshima, United In Love by the Commodores without Lionel, True by Spandau Ballet and Take My Heart by Omar Hakim.
James Ingram is my favorite male vocalist that sings in English.

23 07 2009

There’s No Easy Way. Great song…

Best wishes from Belgium

29 07 2009

I’ve been a fan since I was a little girl. not sure where I was but my two favorite songs are Whatever We Imagine and 100 Ways. When I was in college I made any man interested in me or my friends listen to that song. LOL. (Maybe I still should).

You make timeless music!

4 08 2009

Hello James,
I have a question…….did you,at one time sing with the group “Zingara”??
If so,how might I get my hands on a cut entitled” Love’s Calling”??

Alvin Ruffin

17 09 2009

Dear James:

I have never written an email like this before but I couldn’t help myself. Your skills as a singer are out of this world. Your pitch is perfect, your imagination is endless and your execution is flawless .. always.

Being a fan for a long time I remember clearly the first time I heard “Just once” when I was a young girl in Austria. The lyrics meant little to me being that they were in english but your voice drew me to the song.

For many years now I call the United States my home and still enjoy your music tremedously. My most favorite song of yours has to be “Everything must change” because it is just a wonderful, exciting, imaginative song and I think it really lets one experience the incredible talent you have.

I do hope your wife won’t mind but I have to say that you are also one of the few men who get even better looking with age.

Bring it on! We need talent like you out there because it is unfortunately so rare nowadays.

Thanks for staying true..
Claudia Mattheiss

13 10 2009

Hello James,
I was thrilled to fulfill one of my musical ambitions when i saw you perform in liverpool england. You were absolutely fantastic!!! the whole show was sensational but to see you perform live was an honour.
I hope you come over to england again sometime as some of my friends who love your music missed, out so get back over here ….as yah mo be there!!!


18 11 2009

I love, “Just Once” and “One Hundred Ways”. I also love “The Deeper I Go” from the movie “Out Of Sync”. I had a partial recording of the video for this song that I taped off B.E.T. I have been unable to find an audio recording of this song. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could tell me where I could purchase this song. Thanks.


25 11 2009

First time hearing JI album as a teen, taken out of my moms selections of music, when I heard it I continued to listen, something about the crisp sound of the voice and the lovely music behind it. I could not resist even in my teens. And now I promise to carry the James Ingram sound 4-EVER smile. Thanks for the music, just keep it playing.

1 01 2010
Donald Moore

Hi James & seasons greetings from the UK

Just Once & 100 Ways from The Dude were the first songs I heard of yours and I’ve bought every song since – even the City Slickers soundtrack because I thought it was a different version (the film does have a different version but its not on the soundtrack).
There’s no easy way was a knockout and these three are in my all time top 10.
You may be fascinated (if you hadn’t heard) that Gladys Knight compares her range to yours
Thank you

14 02 2010

My favorite James Ingram song? My favorite song is “She Loves Me” from “Its Your Night”.

18 02 2010

Mr. Ingram,

I am from the Netherlands and I’ve been a fan since 1983. I was 15 at the time and listened to your album “It’s your night” over and over again. In 1988 I went for a 5 week holiday to the USA. It was the first time in the USA and a great expierence! In New York I stepped in a Greyhound bus and I travelled from NYC to San Francisco..Somewhere during this trip I bought your album “Never felt so good” and from that day on the songs of it were my companion. One day..while looking out over The Grand Canyon, watching the sun set, I played “Love’s been here and gone”..It was a moment I’ll never forget!! The moment of a lifetime!
Listening to this album nowadays still brings me back to this wonderfull trip across the beautiful States..You gave my holidays, back in 1988, a silver lining 😉 Thanks for that!

24 02 2010

Whatever We Imagine my fav song of all time.

6 03 2010
Candice Carmen

Hallo, Hi, Hola

I was born in Holland from with indonesian-dutch/german roots, moved in 1990 to Mallorca (balearic island – spain) and in 1984 dating my friend the song JUST ONCE became OUR SONG. Also one hundred ways was and is very special for me, for the same reasons.

I felt identified with the words of this song, as my relation was not so easy and I tried for 6 long years hoping for better days.

I played this song a million and a million times, at times that I cried and felt lonely. I did not only feel identified with the words but als the words and song gave me each time more strenght to fight for our relationship and finally it gave me the strenght to leave him and move to another country.

Now more than 26 years later, still this is my favourite song, as it gave me strength to independent myself, value and belief in myself.

Thanks for your so precious gift, your voice, which touches anyone to the deepest of our soul and is able to cure al wounds.

One of my wishes is to see performing you ….hope this wish will be fulfilled one day.

All my blessing for you and your family and never stop singing.


19 03 2010

ya mo be there, when i here that little bass groove in the beginning, it makes my heart to start beating faster……and then comes the Wooooooo!!

27 03 2010

‘Its Your Night’ travelled with me to Greece in summer 1985 as I tried to rekindle a love affair with a girl in Thessaloniki. It was music I first bought a few months earlier while at university in England. 25 years later and having moved to California when I hear “there’s no easy way” I can still remember how it felt to be back there, by the mediterranean, but connected to home in UK and friends through your music. Marvellous stuff. Thank you.

2 04 2010

My Favorite James Ingram Is (how can we keep the music playing.I’m thinking hard .I don’t know where I was.I feel In love with the relationships of the words he grab hold on to .It was like he know every situation and what to do because he had been right there and now had a answer on how to make things work out .And If it was not to be he wish the relationship that was yet no more the best.You Mr Ingram are so bless now to come Into the Spot light not a shame of Jesus Christ.I want you to keep God always Infront and He will always recall just that You have made my day I have always wonder where was my James Ingram.I Went on fb talking of you also the nail shop,also at work today.When you are doing great things.I has a fan ,a sister In chist will spread the good news .Just like our fathers holy word and love.He loves you so very much.I’m on a high no drug dealer can purchase .This is a high of call I’m so well plesia with what the father is doing and going to do In your life and nothing can bring me down.May God Bless you Mr.James Ingram I hope to get some of my Music In your hands also a Sreen play call (Spritual Love Affair.This one song almost title like yours my Song writers Is the father the song Is called.I Stand The words are so powerful.When God gives it to you,Its a blessing.I was woke up In the middle of the night five years ago and he gave me that song.And so many more after that.Take care and be forever bless.


25 04 2010

I love every song, but If I must choose, I’d pick “I believe in those love songs”. I also want to hear one of JI’s songs on my wedding 🙂 (The day I fall in love?)

12 06 2010
Gerald Murdock

Mr. Ingram,

I’m Staff Sergeant Gerald Murdock stationed at Fort Stewart, Georgia and right now I’m currently serving a year rotation in Iraq and I have a request of you if it’s not too much trouble. Is there a way I can get a MP3 copy of your song sent via e-mail (which is my favorite one of yours) “The Deeper I Go” from the movie “Out of Sync” ? I have been trying to get that song for quite some time now but to no avail. Would love to have this special song that my wife loves to have heavy rotaion in my iPod. Keep making great music Mr. Ingram and I will keep listening. Thank you for your time!

30 06 2010

Hello Staff Sergeant Gerald Murdock,

We would like to take the time to personally thank you for serving our country, may God bless you and your family as well as all of our troops. Unfortunately “The Deeper I Go” is not offered as an MP3 at this time, however we have received a lot of requests for the song so we are currently looking into it. We would like to be able to keep you updated so please join the James Ingram Mailing List..

Wishing You The Very Best,

13 08 2010
Willie Brasley

Mr. Ingram,
I, like many of your viewers of the movie”Out of Sync,”(which I have ran upon hundreds and hundreds of them in my search for the song “The Deeper I Go”) am truly in love with the song.
Everyone along with myself would love a mp3 copy of this song. And, I will be awaiting the development and release of it if you so happen to move forward on it.
Please, keep me posted.

27 08 2010
Olu Ibinayo

It’s difficult to pick one as I love all his songs. They are all so well composed. I’m torn between Always and I Don’t Have the Heart. God bless the gift in Mr. James Ingram. Thank you for the music.

2 09 2010

The deeper i go is one of the best songs i ever hear … i would love to buy that song all his song are very good, but the deeper i go omg took it to another level!!!!!

9 11 2010
aminugo justice

am dying to these great songs for 10yrs now.they are always you, l need someone like you, let me love this way ,and the deeper l go. How could purchase cd online from nigeria?

16 12 2010
jeffrey long

please help me find the song called goodnight its from the movie called in his fathers shoes , thank you so very much, i have been looking for this song for a very long time , thank you!

31 12 2010

Please release a cd with the deeper i go.That has got to be the sexiest and most romantic songs i have ever heard, and i have replayed it over and over on youtube and the out of sync movie… so hot really begging its very sexy..please..

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