James Ingram Opens New Store Online!

14 01 2010

Visit the official James Ingram store online at www.jamesingramstore.com, where you will find his latest Cd STAND “In The Light”, merchandise and more from legendary singer James Ingram!





2 responses

19 01 2010

I love your music! I remember the song you did with Patti Austin. I first heard it on General Hospital (Luke and Laura scene) LOL.

God Bless You! Great to hear you again……

29 04 2010

My teenage daughter got a school assignment to check out some of the artists popular in the 80’s. After checking out a few she decided she also loves your music as I did/do as a teenager and onwards. It was a real pleasure rediscovering your then hits with her and then finding you have continued to perform great music throughout the decades. Thank you for sharing your god-given gift with us all and for the wonderful way you continue to give on so many levels. As we say in New Zealand: Maa te Atua e manaaki koe mee too whaanau hoki .( God bless you and your family). Arohanui, from Family I.

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